It’s hard to believe, but search engine optimization (SEO) has been existing for the last 25 years. The trend of SEO and best practices changes very frequently over the market, which is why things are not as same as they were in the 1990s.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the top SEO trends to rank your website over the internet-

BERT Update

BERT basically stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. The BERT came into existence in October 2019.

Through this update, Google updated its algorithm that seeks the overall context of the words by analyzing the preceding and succeeding words in search queries.

BERT focuses on the quality of the content, keyword density, content relevancy, and user search intent.

Technical SEO and UI/UX Factors

Usually, people around the technical world do not want to get indulged in technical SEO and aspects of their website; that is the reason why they stay satisfied with the basics of SEO.

However, it is a proven fact that avoiding all these small technical aspects of the website can cause harm to the health of the website.

It helps maintain the fresh look of the website and increase the engagement of individuals, which is the best and most ethical UI/UX feature. Additionally, make sure to keep changing the structure of the site.

Facilitate Relevant Data for “Potential Audience”

You don’t have to impress machines and crawlers to grow your business in faster way. All you need to perform is to impress all the visitors that step over the website.

So, always try to create quality and meaningful content and avoid making the utilization of keywords or stuffing them in the content.

Keyword stuffing can also cause harm to the ranking and conversation of the website so keep everything clean and limited.

Mobile-First Indexing For Small Screen Users

Mobile-first indexing attained popularity in the year 2018. Google welcomed websites in a positive way along with a good mobile version, and thus it became an important factor.

With quality content, AMP compatibility or mobile-friendly design is a must for a website to survive in this highly competitive world of content.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is yet another important factor. However, some latest updates act as a headache to beginners or normal people that face slow-loading websites.

Google gives priority to fast-loading websites on SERPs, and this trend will become effective with the start of 2023.

Add Videos to Improvise Ranking and Engagement

The inclusion of videos is one of the latest trends that affected the site’s ranking in 2020, and it came into action in 2022. Videos or video content contains the power to keep your customer busy on the webpage.

While using the tool, always make sure to use a video that has meaningful content that is relevant for the user and connected with the main topic of the page.

Content with video is more engaging and is the containment of high ROI. It is also observed that content with videos ranks higher on SERPs.

People also started preferring videos over long content. This helps in facilitating a clear picture of the product and also saves the time of the user or viewer.

Social Listening and SEO

It is crucial to handle all the social activities of your brand’s social media handler. Among the social media handling things that are involved, it includes tracing custom feedback, mentions, discussion, and comment.

It plays an important role in increasing brand awareness and increasing your reach over the end users.

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