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Lead Generation Services-Boost Your Sales Results Like Never Before!

Enginyre is a marketing agency that specializes in quality lead generation . Our demand generation consultants will work with you to provide high-quality sales leads for your team. We work with you to build and implement lead generation strategies based on marketing automation. We can quickly expand it and optimize it on the fly.


As we all know, companies need potential customers to survive. However, building a machine that can continuously generate sales leads is easier said than done. Buyer behavior has changed, and lead generation strategies may no longer be old school. Lead generation practices must be innovative and continuously adapted to please well-informed and educated customers. However, we’ve got your back.

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Why Invest in Lead Generation?

Quality Leads

Qualified, high-quality leads are an important part of a great lead generation plan. A knowledgeable external marketing agency works with your internal marketing team to define indicators and selection criteria, and then develop a plan to reach the agreed level of potential customers.

Reduced Cost Per Lead

Cost per lead is an important lead generation indicator. Hiring an agency that specializes in online lead generation can reduce these costs in a number of ways. Managing the conversion rate to increase potential customers is the most important.

Increased Sales and Revenue

The combination of better quality potential customers and lower costs can bring total revenue and quarterly revenue sources for each customer. Qualified potential customers need less time to purchase in the sales funnel and are more likely to become regular customers.

Our Range of Services




Dynamic Web Application Development


Google Ads







Leverage our diverse multilingual capabilities that compliment your sales efforts to generate leads from markets spread across the globe.

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Why Choose us

We do what any best lead generation company in India would do for your business but the only difference is, we do it differently which ensures success in our endeavors. Here are reasons why you can rely on our services.

End-to-end lead generation provider

Experience in working on organizations that sell complex B2B products and or services

Help in offering marketing leads, not sales leads

Use of a double opt-in method to comply with SPAM legislation

Creating a multi-touch lead by combining outbound calling with email

Complete understanding of the versatile business market

Project delivery within a defined time-frame

Wide-set of libraries for customizing workflows


Our team of technical experts can tackle complex, multi-purpose, multi-disciplinary AngularJS storefront projects. We offer flexible models to ensure the best-personalized experience possible. Take a quick look at our operational roadmap:

Project Requirement

Business Analysis

UI/UX Design & Development

Website Testing

Quality Assurance

Site Maintenance (as per requirement)


We believe in inclusivity and serve all industries alike. Here are some of the sectors we cater to:

Real Estate





Media & Entertainment

Banking & Finance


Monitoring your lead count is crucial to understanding the profitability of your campaign. We want to ensure you have ready access to all of your leads, day or night, from anywhere you have internet access. That is why we provide you with access to a cloud-based Lead Manager, providing an at-a-glance understanding of your campaign and allowing you to monitor leads your staff may be handling, as well as keep you on top of follow-ups.
A “Lead” is one that we generate for you through our marketing efforts, and meets 3 criteria:
Is from a new contact- not a past client, marketing call, or referral;
Is requesting services you provide;
Is in your target market.
In addition to maintaining a steady flow of new business and defeating competitors, lead generation also enables companies to keep in touch with their audiences, build brand awareness, and build a database of potential customers and potential customers. The market, if done well, can benefit both the buyer and the company.
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