For the visibility of the website over the internet, it is important to manage the SEO. The confusion among people regarding SEO is what factors are the most important for driving the content marketing and SEO strategy forward. There are around 200 factors that are utilized by Google in their algorithm in order to ease the susceptibility to internet chatter and misinterpretation, which will move the needle for your content.

One of the major myths regarding SEO is the Loch Ness Monster, or humans are utilizing 10% of their brains in the creation of content which is harmless; SEO myths could cause your brand to waste time and resources over the wrong strategies.

So, here we have mentioned some of the biggest SEO myths that can hurt your search engine rankings.

Penalty for Duplicating The Content

Duplicacy is, in itself, foul play. Duplicacy is a kind of inferiority or a second-class experience of owning a thing. Copying a thing is like robbing the idea of someone else and representing the duplicate content in a new format. It is a popular SEO myth that copying someone’s content will be penalized by Google.

Google’s Paid Advertising Improves Rankings

The paid advertisement campaign of Google and organic search results are two different things. Both of the terms function on two different principles. In the paid advertisement campaign, the individual pays a certain amount to Google to advertise the website at the top of the SERP. It’s a paid advertisement which solely depends on how much you pay with your total budget.

Google Cares About Domain Authority

Domain authority is a kind of trust that Google bestows on you for the overall work quality of your website. It carries out and stays in the limelight. Previously, Google used to measure the performance of a website with the help of their predetermined algorithms by the name PageRank on the toolbar. This PageRank algorithm is used to display a score between 0-10 on your website over Google. A higher score means the higher authority of the web page.

Longer Content Ranks Better

It is believed, and also is one of the SEO myths, that the longer the content, the better would be its ranking probability. This is just a correlation people perform by analyzing the top-ranking articles, which have a word limit of around 1500 words. So, they generate an enigma that if you want to rank on the first page, you need to write more lengthy content.

Optimize Copy Once & Then Forget it

Among the list of myths of SEO, you see that SEO optimizes your content for once, and then you need not worry about the future! However, in real life, this is not applicable. As time is evolving and everything changes in split seconds, how can you be relaxed with changes made only at once? One must make constantly monitoring of the changes made in order to get fruitful results.

Meta Tags Helps In Ranking

Meta tags are HTML tags or head tags, and Meta descriptions are the preview snippets that represent a particular webpage in the SERP containing keywords or phrases.

Top-level Domains Improve Rankings

The Top-level Domains (TLD) are those extensions that include .com which is basically utilized after the name of the domain. There are many other Top-level Domains that, include .co, .net, .gov, .edu, etc. Among these, the prominent and the most used one is .com because whenever you open anything on the Google search engine, almost 98% of the searches have .com domain names.

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